Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

The advantages of Robotic Process Automation Services can evidently be witnessed in the following sectors and their respective processes The introduction of RPA services has only led to more profits and quicker ROI. Indulge in the automated business processes anywhere trend and watch RPA service company lubricate/grease your business process cogs and gears for increased productivity.

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Benefits of Robotics Process Automation

Beyond Six Sigma

Reduce your daily work volume, boost performance and decrease process variation with 100% of accuracy for every task.

Human mimicry

Bots mimic actions performed by humans sitting at their workstations. RPA automates systems that can’t be automated using traditional tools with minimal upfront investment.

24x7 Operations

Process data, update CRM and reconcile your bank statements anytime. Get error alerts in real time 24/7.

Faster ROI realization

Don’t wait for years to achieve desired ROI – STEP helps you realize it in weeks or months.

Quick deployment

Optimize and automate your manual processes in 4-8 weeks.

AI and machine learning integration

Take your RPA implementation to new heights: Deploy bots that learn and help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

One bot – multiple processes

Schedule multiple processes and let a bot automate them for you. A single bot can be configured to perform several actions at once.

Multiple applications

Whether it’s your ERP, web apps, desktop apps or documents, bots interact seamlessly with multiple applications.

What can RPA robots do?

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage the power of enterprise ready RPA services, driving up productivity and achieve business targets effectively faster.

Robotic Application Monitoring

Han Gia Group uses AI & ML on live application to repeatedly test and rectify any bugs before any of our clients customer faces an issue.

Robotic Test Automation

Han Gia Group provided Robotic Test Automation performs fastest checks on the quality of applications before it goes live.


Our RPA experts help in depth with all organizational changes to setup a CoE and its respective cooperation with IT.

BOT Audit

We examine existing BOTs and implement required solutions to improve their functioning.

BOT Store

Compared to individually tailored programs, Han Gia Group presents ready-to-deploy bots that need minor customizations to go live.

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