Visual Design

Visual Design

Our mission is to apply creative thinking and design expertise to fly your ideas and make your application different.

Our designs are built based on a deep understanding of the client & user needs and apply the latest design trends and industry best practices.
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We specialize in Designing Websites, Web Apps & Mobile Apps

UX Research

We study to understand user needs, motivations, pain points, fears and user behaviors through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies (e.g.: interview, focus group, usability testing, etc.).

UX Design

Based on the output from User Research, our UX design service involves analysis, information architect, wireframe design to blueprint the outline, features and workflow of the product.

UI Design

Our winning formula for crafting beautiful, effective, and visually appealing design is to make your brand, business goals, and customers the center of the design. We pay attention to every pixel.

Front-end Development

Our programmers convert all UI design into HTML, CSS and Javascript, ensuring that the application looks exactly as designed and run smoothly in different platforms.


Prototyping is an analogy for proof of concept — it’s a process of quickly creating the future state of a product to validate the user experience, which saves time and money on creating a full-blown version in code.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion design lies at the intersection of graphic design, illustration, and animation. We use motion graphic to create videos that introduce a website or application, explain what the business is about or present data/statistics.

Turns Your Ideas Into Reality

Research & Analysis

Business Goal Analysis
Learn business goals, user insight to ensure that product will be designed in the right direction for business to grow.
Personas Design
Represent your target users types. Analyze how they really think, act, and feel in the context of their business objective.
User Testing
Qualitative Testing: Observe, conduct interview and focus group to validate target users' insight and behavior.
Quantitative Testing: Use remote usability testing to understand how users react and interact with application/website.

UX Design

Information Architect
Organize information/functionality in a clear and logical way to help users easily navigate among the screens in the system.
Sketch out and refine different design solution ideas before settling on one option.
Create wireframe, which is the skeleton of the website, app and contains full information and functionality of the system.

UI Design

Visual Design
Create the look & feel for the system by using typography, color, spaces, images and illustrations.
Style Guide
Define guidelines for design elements to ensure consistency throughout the system.
UI Specification
Define specifications for every design element in the design.

Front-end Development/ Prototype

Front-end Development
Convert all UI design into HTML, CSS and Javascript, ensuring that the application looks exactly as designed and run smoothly in different platforms.
Create a representation of the final product which simulates user interaction with the interface.
UI Testing
Review the output from development team and ensure the design was implemented correctly.

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